With the flip of a page, a new year passes and a new chapter begins. Where does this new chapter take us? What does it say? Lost in pages passed have been the stories of our triumphs, failures, and experiences. As we begin to write our next chapter, what becomes important isn’t just the story-ing of a silence, but the specific ways in which we can do that. How does this act of articulation work? Which issues are the ones that matter to us? Do our experiences link and mix and blur? Do we weave them together to create something greater?

The need for our community to come together is more important than ever, especially as the impacts of Proposition 8 are still being felt. It isn’t just one story that needs to be articulated now, but many. Within this fabric of community, how do our stories fit?

The anthology of our experiences forms a collective autobiography – an autobiography that melds the “you” and “I” into “our,” “us” and “we.” Unknown to the voice of the individual experience is the symphony of voices that underlie it. Voices that give us the knowledge that other people have been through the same experiences we have. Voices that exclaim, “Through solidarity, there is power!” Our collective autobiography becomes an orchestra of sounds in which each sound is unique, powerful, and distinct on its own; but at the same time, is able to blend and unite with all the other sounds to create an even more beautiful bang with the reverberating power capable of shaking the world

This collective autobiography is the story-ing of our silence, but is also the very anthology that we now need to animate – to breathe life into. The way which we express these stories vary across media: to some of us, it may be in words – in rants and speeches, poems in our native tongue; to others – it may be in art, in dance, in drama. Whatever process, the act of articulation is the very process of animation that will give a new life to our words – that will join them, intertwine them, and turn them into something real.

This year’s conference, “ARTICULATION: Animating our Collective Autobiography,” marks the second year of the annual Queer and Asian Conference. While some of us will have much to say, and others less, we all will have the ability and opportunity to shape the foundation for an anthology that cannot be silenced. Our goal is not to write a chapter that will culminate all of our experiences, but to take the first step in writing our ongoing story. Through engaging in the process of articulation, it is our hope that we will all be creating our collective autobiography, and that we will be empowered by the stories, experiences, and solidarity we discover.

We can’t wait to hear your stories.

– QACON09 Planning Committee


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