The first annual Queer and Asian Conference started at UC Berkeley last year with the intention of being a conference in which each individual participant’s story could and should be heard. The key difference that distinguished this conference from others was the inclusion of a “Storytime” session – a session in which individuals were invited to share their personal stories with each other in small, intimate groups. With this emphasis on personal stories, the Queer and Asian Conference aspired to start the process of community building with the message that empowerment often times comes from within; that inspiration doesn’t have to be external but can come from our own voices, narratives, and experiences.

This year’s conference, “ARTICULATION: Animating Our Collective Autobiography,” marks the second year of the annual Queer and Asian Conference, and it remains a conference that continues many of the same themes that inspired the birth of the Queer and Asian Conference last year. This time, however, beyond the articulation of individual stories also emerges the question of how our stories can mix, relate, and unite. Through similarities and shared experiences, can we weave our stories together to become something greater? While some of us will have much to say, and others less, we all will have the ability and opportunity to shape the foundation for an anthology that cannot be silenced.

Our goal this year is not to write a chapter that will culminate all of our experiences, but to take the first step in writing our ongoing story. Through a multitude of speakers, presentations, and workshops, the conference will allow us the chance to not only write and Articulate our story, but to also discover and get educated about crucial issues surrounding our community that warrant attention and articulation. Through participation in the conference, it is our hope that we will all be taking part in the creation of our collective autobiography, and that we will be empowered by the stories, knowledge, and solidarity we discover.


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